Tips on How to Increase Your Partner Site Potential

Now that Viator has over 40,000 products available and with over 3,000 active partners, it is important to know how can you optimize your site to bring your potential to maximum.

I asked Fernando, our Director of Business Development for EMEA, what are his tips to our partners. Here are some of his valuable findings.

1. Content

…is everything: guarantee your content is relevant to our products.

 2. Think about the flow

Don’t focus only on “bookings”. Engagement and overall experience of your site means a lot so you should focus on understanding  how your visitors use your site.

3.Contextualize for your audience.  

Don’t use generic banners only. Suggesting specific products will provide greater success and conversion. It’s very important to display Viator banners/widgets/links on your website in a contextual nature.  If you have a website focused on London  – then all links to Viator should be London-specific – plus it’s important to link to the London page on your Viator Site. Generic “Book Sightseeing” links or ads will be less effective, while a “Top Things to Do in San Francisco” link on your San Francisco website page will be much more effective at converting traffic to sales. In fact, our most successful partners do not even link to the Viator Home page – they use a combination of Widgets, Banners, and CSV/XML Links to deep link to product and destination pages.

4. Social media.

Be creative with your social media posts. Engage with your audience so booking of the tour/activity is an underlying next step. Just like with any other sales, you may much rather buy a product from someone who connect with you on a different level. Try the same with our products and your social media strategy.

5. Be dynamic.

The product offer changes during the year. Don’t keep the “Christmas Markets” page highlighted all year long. Be certain you use our products in a creative way with relevancy for the time of the year.

6. Maintain and update your website 

Revenue is the final goal and aim. Don’t expect that a website which is not actively managed and updated will have much success. 

When first starting out, it’s very important to make sure your Viator site is set-up to match the look and feel of your own website. If your website and the Viator site look significantly different, your sales conversion might be low. Many consumers don’t like linking off to a partner site that has no relationship to the site they were just visiting. Make sure to upload your website logo and a graphical header or HTML header. Sites with just a logo often don’t perform as well as those with HTML headers.

7. Provide information

Don’t solely focus on instructing your site visitors to just book the tour. Provide content for the activities and test to see what works the best for your site.

8. Know what’s out there

Our best performing partners know our products very well. Stay informed on what products are new, check the offer constantly.

9. Make a use of our SUBPUID

This is a very useful parameter for testing how you perform in your links/ channels. You can track the performance of any given website section, campaign or action you intend to measure. Do not analyze your channels and visitor acquisition the same way for all your websites so using this feature will help you to know exactly how well you perform in your channels. That way you can treat your visitors differently. If you are interested in how to add SUBPUID, please click here.

10. Above all, experiment!

Even if we consider these previous 9 principles, each website and audience are indeed unique. Therefore, always experiment and analyze your results.  A common factor amongst all most successful partners is the obsession for data, to know their customers and try new initiatives, while challenging preconceptions.

For even more information, see our Knowledge Base.


Fernando Santos, a Director of BD for EMEA comes from Portugal and now lives in Germany.

Fernando has been with Viator since 2012 and provides support to our EMEA partners.

His favorite destination is Thailand – in terms of favorite food he is undecided between the Portuguese

“Bacalhau com natas” and the Hungarian “Hortobágyi palacsinta”.

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