Keep it Fresh Using Feature Pages

Change is good. And the ability to make changes quickly and easily? Well, that’s even better.

Maybe it’s time for your site’s seasonal refresh, or you’ve just received a ton of new tours and destinations that need to be featured. Whatever your specific content scenario might be, you need a simple and elegant way to make changes, fast.

Say hello to our Feature Pages. You can edit, delete or create new pages within minutes, whenever you want.

Here’s how.

Step 1:

  • When you see the Edit custom feature page copy across the top, type in the title, subtitle and description of the page you’re about to create.

Step 2:

  • From this view, you can search for tours by code, name, keywords or by location.
  • After finding the activity you want, check the box on the left of the product and that will add this tour to your page.
  • Click Save if you are not ready to publish  or Save and publish when you are.

All set. Your new, custom Feature Page could look like this:

Simple. Elegant. And fast. Just like we said. If you have any questions, don’t be shy. You can email us here.

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