New! 6 Traveler Types and Top US Tours of 2016

Americans love to travel abroad  but according to  the newest study performed by independent research firm, Ipsos for Tripadvisor, they also enjoy exploring new places in their home countries, more than any other nation in fact.

Over half (58%) of American travelers vacationed in the US on their last trip, compared to only 27% of those who live in the UK.   With these traveler statistics in mind, we’ve compiled a US-centric list of our top-selling tours from 2016 to help you plan out 2017. And for an even better sense  of who these American travelers are, TripAdvisor conducted research into common traveler archetypes. Six new traveler profiles were uncovered.

6 American Traveler Types

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And what were the top selling tours and activities for 2016?


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Now, that you may have a better understanding of who are you selling tours and activities to and which ones are best selling, take a look at our previous blog post that teaches you how to make custom feature pages that only highlight the tours that you pick. Or simply, place these links on your site using our instructions at our Partner Help Center. Good luck!

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