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If you say New York, most people in the world will know what city you’re talking about. And that counts for something. Yellow taxi cabs, fashion, shopping, incredible food and music that’s being enjoyed by people from all around the world. This truly unique city has attracted nearly 8.5 million people from all around the world to live and breathe it’s unique atmosphere and tourists from every part of the planet love to visit.

With an ever-changing tourism landscape set atop some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and attractions, Viator has the beat on securing access to everything epic in the city – from helicopter tours facing new departure guidelines to special access at the Empire State building and Ellis Island.
“As the crowds grow in New York City so does the demand, especially for the most iconic and unique things to do, and to avoid disappointment travelers should be booking those in advance,” said Ms. Barrie Seidenberg, CEO of Viator. “But for those traveling on a whim or already in-destination, don’t be disheartened. Viator has more than 600 NYC tours and attractions, many available for booking right up to the last minute, with instant confirmations and convenient direct entry ticketing.”

Helicopter Tours – Don’t Get Grounded, Plan Ahead
Recent changes to the operation of helicopter tours originating from Manhattan’s Pier 6 Heliport means fewer departures throughout the week and none on Sundays. Viator is working with leading helicopter tour operators to provide continued access to a wide array of flights so travelers won’t miss out on experiencing the City from above. Popular helicopter tours that take in the sights including the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade and the Chrysler Building include the Manhattan Sky Tour (from $130, 12 minutes), the Big Apple Helicopter Tour of New York (from $149.99, 15 minutes), and the New York Manhattan Scenic Helicopter Tour (from $189, 18 minutes); as well as a very special experience – the Private Manhattan Helicopter Tour (from $1,500).


The Viator VIP: Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and 9/11 Memorial combines several of the city’s most iconic landmarks.


nyc4The Viator Exclusive: Statue of Liberty Monument Access and 9/11 Memorial includes a guided tour of the Wall Street area of Manhattan before visiting the 9/11 Memorial.review3

Last Minute? Plans Changed? There’s an App for That…Viator!

packing for a new journey

While it’s best to book some things early, Viator delivers unprecedented access to hundreds of NYC experiences bookable at the last minute. Finish up room service while researching and booking tours for the next day (or later the same day in many cases) on the free Viator Tours and Activities App (iOS and Android).

Viator’s One World Observatory Admission provides seamless barcode admission to Manhattan’s newest and perhaps most awe-inspiring attraction. Expertly guided walking tours of just about every neighborhood are right in the palm of your hand including explorations of Wall Street, Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial. Other great last-minute adventures include a gourmet food cart walking tour, multiple river cruises, or the brand new Real Housewives of NYC tour.


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